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Introduce R&D Center.
에버다임 R&D

The basis of Everdigm’s growth is the strong R&D technology in the construction, demolition, mining and rescue fields..

Beginning from Hanwoo T&C in 1994 to the present Everdigm, our endless efforts and research allowed us to become the global Everdigm. In 2012, Everdigm newly opened the R&D center. Since then, we have been trying to achieve development of new concept equipments with maximized the efficiency, and extended the product life cycle.

The central research center at the headquarter as foundation, we have been expanding the investment in advanced development, new product design, and application of new technologies. Such efforts allow us to respond to the fluctuating market condition with strengthened product competitiveness and development of differentiated products. These efforts led to the securing technologies and registration of patents which we develop and apply to our products. And every year we implement development award scheme to increase the consciousness for research and development. Additionally, through the spurring development of fuel-efficient and high-efficiency equipment, we contribute in social role as the environmentally friendly company.


Construction 건설기계 상세정보
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Patent  59 Utility model  9 Design  83 Brand  29 Patent  20 Brand  32


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