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Made by EVERDIGM’ means ‘New Paradigm of Construction Equipment’
EVERDIGM Quick Couplers will increase your efficiency, productivity and enhance performance. We strongly believe in designing and manufacturing couplers which offer the perfect fit to your excavator. EVERDIGM Quick Couplers are manufactured specifically to your excavator model to ensure optimum bucket rotation and digging power. High strength with resistance materials and high pressured cylinder provide excellent durability. EVERDIGM Quick Couplers is specified by Light weight, low overall height, quick response and accurate operation. Enjoy countless hours of additional productivity and increased profitability with EVERDIGM Quick Couplers.
■ Easy to replace attachments.
■ Built in check valve.
■ Manual safety pin type.
■ Wide application with wide pin-to-pin distance.
■ Outstanding durability by using abrasion resistant high strength material
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